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A premium gravel pack at an economical cost

• Metered sand injection and active slurry blending
• Precise pressure, rate, and slurry-density control
• Proven placement techniques can eliminate prepacks
• Backflow control packs perfs and consolidates sand column
• About the same cost as using rig pumps and sand pots

Until now, you have had basically two choices for gravel-pack recompletions: the so-called “low cost” gravel pack using rig pumps and sand pots, or the expensive high-end service from one of the major pumping companies.
Our Hi-Pro service gives you a much better choice. It costs about the same as rig-pump/sand-pot jobs—often less—but delivers results equal to high-end jobs.

A Hi-Pro gravel pack delivers all the right elements for a productive, long-lasting gravel pack: clean fluid, precise, consistent slurry density, accurate pressure and flow control, and proven placement techniques. Plus, with our pump unit on the job, you have the option of acidizing ahead of the gravel pack, without paying for additional equipment. We currently work with any operator-specified tools and screens.

Instead of prepacking perforations, we typically use a special gel pill to stabilize the formation after cleanout. This saves the cost of a prepack run (and a day of rig time) and prevents sloughing that could keep the screens from reaching bottom. After screens are on bottom, the gel readily breaks to water consistency.

Unlike rig pumps, our pump units tightly control pressure and flowrate. You can be more aggressive with pressure because you don’t have to worry about pressure excursions that could unintentionally break down the formation.

“Low-cost” gravel packs use gravity-feed sand pots to add sand to the flow stream. These pots offer no control over sand delivery, so the slurry almost always contains slugs that can cause bridging and voids in the gravel pack column or—even worse—clog the crossover tool, resulting in a false screenout. The PPS sand blender uses a calibrated auger feed that adds sand to swirling fluid at an exact rate, under the watchful eye of the unit operator. No slugging, no clumping, no guesswork. Just a consistent, uniform slurry, from 1/4 ppg to 3 ppg, adjustable on the fly.

Finally, we monitor and control backflow pressure to squeeze sand into the perfs and to consolidate the sand column.

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Gravel Pack

Variable-speed auger and hydraulic operation enable precise, on-the-fly control of sand concentrations at all pumping rates. Far superior to sand pots for all gravel packing, including low-rate and high-rate water packs and gel packs.

  • Self-contained, compact unit: 22 ft x 8 ft
  • Variable-speed auger feed for precise, on-the-fly control of sand concentration
    at all pump rates
  • All-hydraulic operation
  • Maximum rate: 10 bpm
  • Sand concentration: 0.5–5 lb/gal
  • On-board sand capacity: 4,000 lb; hopper for external feed
  • 10-bpm centrifugal pick-up pump
  • Deploys with any of our pump units
PPS Sand Blending Unit